Our Story

How We Came To Be

Mike M Burke - Paranormal AliensEstablished in 2019 by devoted horror enthusiast and filmmaker Mike M. Burke, ParanormalAliens.com is your perennial source for immersive horror art, goth aesthetics, and captivating Halloween decor. Beyond the boundaries of a single spooky night, our handpicked assortment of products lets you celebrate your love for horror and sci-fi all year round!

Mike’s story is an interesting one. Back in 2012 things were looking way up. Mike had lost 35 pounds, finished his last major restoration work on his house and was in the early stages of pre-production on his next film about an alien invasion. He was feeling great and excited to begin production. Suddenly everything came to a screeching halt and his life was forever altered.

To make a very long story short, Mike’s best friend of 23 years betrayed him with lies which eventually lead to Mike losing his day job. Without much income to pay his mortgage he started multiple online business. This included selling electric lanterns on Etsy, doing voice over work and custom videos on Fiverr and internet marketing which he liked the least. Meanwhile he was forced to stop pre-production on his next film and sell all of his film equipment in order to pay the mortgage. His life continued to spiral into darkness as he struggled to survive and rebuilt himself and his life.

During this time his only saving grace was the growing success of his Etsy shop and Fiverr business. Between the two he was able to build a stronger online presence and pay most of the bills. Mike eventually found a new day job nearby his home which he could do alongside his online businesses for a few years before the company shut down. Since then he has been working full time as a self employed entrepreneur and filmmaker.

Paranormal Aliens LogoToday, Mike now runs multiple web stores, Etsy shops, teaches courses at Udemy and is back to pre-production on a series of new films. Although he still has far to go to recover from all the loses and he is happy to offer great products and services that he is truly proud of and that others love as well!